Term 1 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

A huge thank you to Lily Hunter for creating this beautiful new website. I think it captures the essence of our dance school perfectly. My appreciation and wonderment at what she has created . I am so grateful.

Congratulations to our 2020 graduates, Shelby, Erin. Jenna, Lily, Emily and Dakoda.

We wish them well and they will be forever be apart of our PMAD family.

Thank you to all students and parents for a wonderful concert. My thanks for the help and support of Deb Hunter and Kylie Clough in staging this event.

Some students have received their concert DVDs. I hope you have bought some beautiful concert photos from KAC imaging.

Professional Development

Miss Stacey and I are in the process of becoming accredited to teach the new ADA AcroDance and the ADA Contemporary Dance Syllabi. We recently attended our first workshop to learn all about Progressing Ballet Technique. We had lots of fun learning different ways to further develop and accelerate students' strength and technique.

On Monday 25th January, the ADA held a zoom session with dance teachers from Carins to Brisbane to progress this training.

9:00 - 12:00 midday ADA AcroDance - Session #2

Tutor & Syllabus Founder - Miss Lesley Scott - ADA's President/Director

Thank you to the following students who attendedc, you were wonderful!!

Scarlett Brown, Chanulya Senaratne, Ivy Huddleston and Annie Thompson

12:30 - 4:00pm ADA Contemporary - Level #1

Tutor & Syllabus Founder - Miss Jane Pirani - Professional dancer and Freelance Choreographer

Progressing Ballet Technique, Created by Marie Walton Mahon

It has certainly been an exciting inspirational start to the year!

Term 1 has just flown by. We have had a great start to the year! Students are working hard to know their exam syllabus and new routines.


Workshop 1 - Senior Hip Hop

Senior Hip-Hop Choreographed by Emily Lewis, Ellie Harrington and Emily Thompson. Thank you for making up this great dance for us. We appreciate the time and effort you have put into this project.

Workshop 2 - Intermediate Foundation Classical Group

Guest tutor - Erin Riley

Saturday 27th March

2:30-4:00pm Intermediate Fd Classical Group

Sunday 28th March

9:30-11:00am Intermediate Fd Classical Group

Workshop Fee - $30. Please make your payment in cash by Saturday 27th March

Costume Levy - $100 Please make your payment by 31st of March to PMAD Inc.

BSB: 064-426 Account Number: 010 119 680


19TH - 25TH MAY 2021

As well as Intermediate Foundation Classical, we are hoping to have the following new dances ready fo the eisteddfod.

  • Grade 5 Classical

  • Grade 5 Jazz - Contemporary

  • Bronze Star Jazz - Jazz

Important note: The costumes and the choreography are being organised now.


For all group member costumes are being purchased now for the concert, so even if your student is not participating in the eisteddfod, payment of the costume levy must be made by the 19th of April, Thanks!

Also all students are asked to attend all relevant classes pertaining to these new routines regardless of whether they are participating in the eisteddfod. We would like the students to learn the choreography now.

Last day of Term 1 - Thursday 30th March

First day of Term 2 - Monday 19th April

School Holiday Classes - TBA

Happy Easter!!

Mrs Marshall xx


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