From the Eisteddfod Committee

Hello everyone, Only 4 sleeps till our 2021 Dance Eisteddfod begins!! Please see some important information about the event this year. There is a lot of information, but I appreciate you taking the time to read this carefully. I also ask that you forward this to your parents or let them know what is necessary, particularly that they will be unable to be in the dressing rooms with their dancers. There will be a block of toilets and 2 small dressing rooms available for dancers to use to touch up, but I would advise bringing some small mirrors if you have any available.

MUSIC – Robert and the team are amazing so please don’t hesitate to contact them for any concerns.

VOLUNTEERS- We still have some volunteer roles that need filling. Seattle and I have been involved in the Dance community for a long time and promise to make it a lot of fun!! You pick the day and role so please contact me asap if you think you will have a few spare hours during the week. You will receive entry to watch for one session for every session you volunteer for. We cannot hold an event this big without your help. Please share with your families and encourage them to volunteer.

TICKETS – Tickets for the audience are available now

VENUE- The Eisteddfod is held out at The Brolga Theatre, Walker St, Maryborough.

ADJUDICATION- There will be no adjudication sheets this year as we have a brand-new system that you get to hear the adjudication direct from him!! This is uploaded straight to your Music Uploads account. All dancers will be asked back on stage at the end of the section and medals for place getters will be received on stage.

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS – The amazing BWP is back again for all your photo and video needs. Please see their stand in the foyer for information on how to order.

DRESSING ROOMS- Dressing rooms will definitely be more of a challenge when it comes to groups day!! Due to Covid restrictions we have a lot less space to put our groups. Some studios will have to be in different positions in the Brolga, but we will be making it as comfortable as possible for you all! I appreciate your understanding on this matter and understand that this is not ideal, but it means we can still run the event for everyone. Please find attached a copy of the dressing rooms spaces for each age group.

SECTIONS- To keep numbers down backstage and in the dressing rooms we will only be allowing one age group at any one time in the dressing room area. For example, 6yrs groups will compete then clear out the dressing rooms for the 8yrs to enter. Due to time restrictions, I ask that you do this as quickly as possible and gather for a chat in the foyer area instead. This means that we may not stop and start at the designated times but will try our very best to ensure that sessions start at as close to time as possible. Please keep your dressing area tidy. Dispose of rubbish in the bins provided.

HELPERS- Each age group will be allowed a different number of helpers to assist with changes. No further parents will be allowed in the dressing room area under no circumstance. Each studio will also be allowed to have 2 teachers at all times. Wrist bands will be given for teachers and helpers. These MUST be worn on your wrist at all times to be allowed in these areas.

GROUP PACKS – Please ensure you check in at the front desk to pick up your group pack which has all your wristbands etc.

CHECK IN- Please check in backstage asap so they know you are there ready to dance.

POSITIVITY – Maryborough Dance Eisteddfod is a positive, inclusive, kind space for dancers to come and do what they love whilst making memories with their friends. Under no circumstance will nastiness be tolerated at the event. If there is any unnecessary behaviour towards anyone including our Volunteers, they will be asked to leave.

CATERING- The amazing ALLOWISHUS DELICIOUS will be attending the event to keep us all fed this year! They will fresh coffee, wraps, quiches and so much more so that there is no need to leave the theatre.

KINDNESS WALL – Around the Brolga you will find Kindness Walls where students, teachers, parents and audience can come to share their kind words. Please don’t be shy! We want to hear from you. REMEMEBER TO ALWAYS BE KIND AND HAVE FUN! Thank you all! I can’t wait to see you all and watch everyone back on stage.

Kind Regards Danielle


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