EVOLUTION 2021 - Volunteers

Our concerts would not run as well without the wonderful parents who help us each year, please find below our various jobs and what they involve and please comment below which jobs and session time you can help us with!


Our doorman is one of the most important people at our concert. You will be responsible for ensuring that no-one enters or leaves the auditorium while dancers are performing. You will also be responsible for ensuring everyone who is in the auditorium has a ticket. This year we have changed the rules surrounding students entering to watch the performance. They will no longer be able to enter after the interval without a ticket. It would be great if we had two volunteers per performance so that each only has to do one half of the show.


There will be limited ticket sales at the door this year, however we will still require volunteers to assist in checking tickets when our audience arrives. You will also need to check concession/student cards, and assist with selling tickets to anyone who doesn’t have one.


As we are now selling allocated seating, we will require a couple of volunteers to help people to find their seats. If you have a ticket for one of the shows, this is a job that can be done before you sit down to watch.


As with the ushers, our raffle ticket sellers will be finished by the time the show commences, so please feel free to volunteer if you have tickets to one of our performances.


Our canteen will be set up a little differently this year. We will need at least two volunteers before the show commences, and at least four during the interval. If anyone would like to offer to be the canteen convenor this year.


Another of our very important jobs, our runner is responsible for ensuring the students are at the stage door when they are needed. A little crowd control is required!! This position will require a rehearsal and that will happen at our DRESS REHEARSAL.


At the end of the night, we ask that a few parents stay back and help us to pack up, so that we can leave the venue as we find it.

We also ask that you allocate one parent per group per show to supervise your group in the dressing room throughout the duration of each show. We need to ensure all students are ready when they are required on stage and all wearing their costume correctly and the same. This includes makeup and headpieces.

Below is a list of who is doing each jobs and will be updated regularly! Once again, your help is much appreciated !!


Doorman 1 - Matinee Kath Thompson

Doorman 2 - Matinee Chris Smith

Doorman 1 - Evening _____________

Doorman 2 - Evening _____________

Ticketing 1 - Matinee Larissa Fraser

Ticketing 2 - Matinee Tania Hawthrorne

Ticketing 1 - Evening Nat Albouze

Ticketing 2 - Evening _____________

Usher 1 - Matinee Serena Saurini

Usher 2 - Matinee Dario De Simone

Usher 1 -Evening Anessa Hays

Usher 2 - Evening Tania Hawthorne

Raffle Ticket Seller 1 - Matinee Camilla Baker

Raffle Ticket Seller 2 - Matinee Nicole Morgan

Raffle Ticket Seller 1 - Evening Amy Stoneley

Raffle Ticket Seller 2 - Evening _____________

Canteen Helper 1 - Matinee Tarryn Dearden

Canteen Helper 2 - Matinee Amanda Lindic

Canteen Helper 1 - Evening Penny Huddleston

Canteen Helper 2 - Evening Hope Huddleston

Runner - Matinee Lily Hunter

Runner - Evening Lily Hunter

Clean up Crew - Evening Anessa Hays

Clean up Crew - Evening Susan Hodges

Clean up Crew - Evening Renee Saini-Cook

Clean up Crew - Evening Toni Thompson


Pam xx


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