We Offer Classes For All Age Groups

Classes available are:

  • Acrobatic Classes (Australasian Dance Association)

  • Barre Attack ( Barre Attack Australia)

  • Classical Ballet, Pointe, Free Movement and Character    (Royal Academy of Dance)

  • Jazz   (Australasian Dance Association)

  • Tap    (Australasian Dance Association)

  • Contemporary/Lyrical

  • Novelty

  • Musical Theatre/Cabaret/Burlesque

  • Hip Hop

  • Adults

  • Stretch and Strengthen

  • Tiny Tots






This syllabus, which is examined worldwide, contains a complete training system in classical ballet, taking the dancer from beginner to professional, starting at Pre-Primary and through to Solo Seal.  The syllabus also includes pointe, free movement, and character dance.  We offer examinations from Pre-Primary to Advanced.  Examination students from Grade 2 and above are required to attend 2 classical lessons per week. Classical dance is an essential subject for dance students who wish a career in dance.

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We offer examinations from Pre-Primary through to Bar to Gold Star.  ADA Teacher training is also available.  The syllabus offers a complete training system in Jazz and Tap covering styles such as acro, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre, street tap, waltz, latin, tango and samba. Continuing your journey to success. 


The Queensland Schools Authority recognises some ADA and RAD exam results for year 10, 11 and 12 students.  These appear as extra credits for the students' results in years 10 to 12.


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barre attack



Barre Attack is a mix of Ballet Pilates and Cardio intervals. It requires absolutely no dancing skill/technique and is perfect for every individuals physical abilities! With Barre Attack's flowing sequences you will feel like your body is re-aligned, balanced and centered. Best of all you will feel more connected to your body, giving you a sense of self confidence which can only be ignited through the joy of movement. It works your body to build stronger leaner and fitter without putting your body through high impact movement/weightlifting. It’s perfect for toning those dreaded areas of our bodies like our inner & outer thighs. It will ignite your core arms & legs leaving you with a complete body work out! 

Barre Attack is something the whole family can do together. With barre attack being suited for people from age 13 to 70 plus! Barre Attack can be altered to fit to anyone at any stage of life. It can be a great way to keep fit during pregnancy and post-partum. Its also great for the aging body to maintain good core strength and flexibility. Even if you are a seasoned marathon runner or a heavy weight lifter your body will benefit from barre attack as it strengthens and engages all your stability muscles.

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Adult Classes


Barre Attack Classes

Taught by Stacey on multiple days each week

Hip Hop Classes

Specialized Hip Hop Classes are held on Saturdays.

Eisteddfod Classes

The dance school attends several eisteddfods each year, with Kingaroy and Maryborough eisteddfods being our main events.  

Workshop Classes

It is the Academy’s policy to hold regular Workshops to enable our students to benefit from the expertise of visiting tutors and to keep up with the latest dance trends.

Our Concert is held each year in early December.

Eisteddfod and workshop classes are mainly are held on weekends.

Although the focus of the Academy is dance for enjoyment and personal growth, we want all students to reach their full potential. This may take the student to a professional level.

Our students have gone on to:

  • Australian Ballet School

  • Australian Ballet School Interstate/International Training Program.

  • Australian Dance Performance Institute

  • Australia Dance Collective

  • Bolshoi Ballet Academy

  • Sydney Dance Company

  • Queensland Dance School of Excellence

  • Dance program at QUT

  • Disneyland - Los Angeles

  • Queensland Ballet Academy - Kelvin Grove State College

  • Broncos cheerleading

  • ACPA. The Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts

  • Start their own dance schools

  • Teach dance in High Schools

  • Careers in the arts industry: dance, theatre, cruise ships, costume design, make -up artists and a dance magazine editor.

  • Brent Street Performing Arts

  • The Village Performing Arts Centre

  • Queensland National Ballet School

  • 2017 Miss Universe Australia Entrant